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How does renting textbooks work?

Our goal is to save you money and make your college book rental experience a pleasant one. Our no-nonsense philosophy means you can order the book(s) you need in three easy steps. And with College Book Renter, rest assured that you'll be saving the most money because we specialize in college textbook rentals!
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To rent a book use our search bar to find what you need from our inventory of millions of popular new and used college textbooks.

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We offer convenient book rental periods, as well as purchase options on select titles. Simply choose the option that fits your need and add the book to your shopping bag.

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After logging in or registering your CBR account, check out from your Shopping Bag at any time to rent textbooks online.


How do I return my books? makes returning your rentals easy and free. Please see our Return Policy for complete return instructions.
Log into your CBR Account

You will find your current college book rental(s) on the Rentals & Purchases tab in My Account. Simply select the item(s) you want to return and click Return Books to begin the process.

Print labels and packing slip

Print the shipping label for your return package from My Account and tape it securely to the package. Be sure to include a copy of your packing slip inside the package with the textbook(s) you are returning.

Drop the books off at any USPS location.

Simply take your box to any USPS location to return your book rental to CBR.

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